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When this grey world crumbles like a cake

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Jul. 29th, 2004 | 05:43 pm
mood: exhaustedexhausted
music: Groceries - I Am the Voice of Sarah Strickland's Rage

Holy crap I've been industrious today. Up early. Shower. Dishes. Laundry. Resume'. Email account setup. Sending out resumes with genuinely personal notes to recruiters. Setting up a gazillion appointments and booking some consulting work for the next few days. On the phone all day long.

I cannot describe just how exhausting that can be for me. Just imagine something really difficult.

I have no explanation for my behavior. I just decided to do stuff. I'm not even properly medicated.

Anyway, yay for me.

It it still masochistic if you're doing exactly the right thing? Eh, don't answer that. I'm just sayin'.

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(no subject)

from: fulguritus
date: Jul. 29th, 2004 10:00 pm (UTC)

you are sweet like rotting meat
you are cool like a blood filled pool
you are hot like runny snot
you are cute like rotting fruit
you are nice like cat fried rice
you are neat like little dirty bird feet

and yes, you are still a masochist ;)

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