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Thank you for your cooperation

You're at the airport baggage carousel late at night, waiting for your assorted baggage. Several times, a cardboard box passes by on the track. It's marked in large red block-printed letters: "TRIPLE ENTENDRE 619-2891". Finally a guy walks up next to you, wearing two shoulder bags, a funny straw hat, and sunglasses. He picks up the box. You can see it's nearly weightless. He holds the box, frowns at it for a moment, then suddenly punches his hand through the top, lets the box fall away. You can't quite make out what remains in his hand, but it's something metal. He flips it around once, superfluously, catches it, and it slides into an empty holster on his belt as he turns and walks away.

(Darned airport security. I remembered this time that my money clip is a folding knife, and my keychain with the Craftsman Folding Compact Multi-Tool was also safely packed into my checked bag, but I'd completely forgotten I was wearing the Leatherman pocket tool.)
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