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Ask me a hard one

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Jul. 27th, 2004 | 08:00 pm
music: Felix Da Housecat - Happy Hour

Is it unethical to order food in, because the weather is too unsafe to go get it yourself?


in fact, the question itself is somewhat unethical, because you are presuming to make value judgements on behalf of other people (the deliverypeople). I'll be a little more generous if you've done some kind of survey in order to have a statistical understanding. But we must assume that the other people in this world are rational actors, or go mad trying to save them.


P.S. - When it freezes and/or snows in Austin, I take a taxicab to work. It's like being the star of some ponderous, slapstick-tragicomic automotive ballet.

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from: avice
date: Jul. 28th, 2004 11:27 am (UTC)

It is only unethical if you know the drivers are being forced to drive to save their jobs rather than allowed to make the call themselves based on their own safety comfort level. Actually it would also be unethical if there was a reason your place was particularly difficult/dangerous to reach, particularly if did not make an effort to share that information with the delivery person. I do not however see an act of immorality in calling to see if a place delivers and if so placing an order, and certainly not if you are able to talk to the driver themself and verify their willingness to come. I guess i can see making the call either way. I do not consider it unethical to make the decision not to encourage another vehicle to brave the road when conditions are especially bad. I certainly think it is a worthwhile consideration under such conditions.

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