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How Fast Are You? How Dense?

Wow, this Boing Boing post brings back fond memories. Mondo 2000, a cult-of-technology-culture magazine like no other. I read each new issue religiously when it came out, mostly because they didn't make much sense when read as secular prose. They proudly quoted outrageously negative reviews on the pull-out subscription cards. "Unreadable salad!"

Aaaagh! Help! I'm nostalgic for Post-Postmodernism! Kill meeeee!

...Recurses, foiled again.

Somehow, the future came and went without really happening.


Some links:
[Google for Mondo 2000]
Mondo 1995: Up and Down With the Next Millennium's First Magazine
The Art of Cyberhype
It's Better to be Inspired than Wired
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