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This is probably the rambly kind of stuff I should post more of

Attended the Poly First Wednesday dinner. There were quite a few people there, so many that I didn't feel the need to even attempt to introduce myself to everyone. That was refreshing, since it meant I could alternate a few small rounds of introductions with a bit of wandering around and dive-bombing conversations. It was fun, I think I'll go again. I think I've been biased against affinity groups of any sort, for too long. Any excuse to be social is a good one, I think.

Too many names to list here. Too many to remember, either. They all had livejournals! They can come find me if they want to.

Some of us went to Dolce Vita afterward, including sheenaqotj, who made the (potentially) mistake of asking an excessively literal person (me) for his life story. I have trouble summarizing, sometimes. ;-) But I tried. (Note to self: props to sheenaqotj for buying dessert when my credit card overheated!)

Hooray for getting out of the house. Go me.

Mostly unrelated side note: apparently believes I match up best with smart 19-year-old bisexual aggro women. So, uh, what's up with that?

Possible answers:

1. well, duh!
2. I'm just that special.
3. maybe everyone does?
4. sampling bias.
5. bank error in my favor, collect $200?
6. the site is run by 31-year-old men?
7. older women avoid "dating" sites entirely.
8. whatever!
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