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Body-check these facts with your doctor

Ganked from shmivejournal:
My interpretation:
In A.D. 1948
Evenings alone was beginning.
Wife: What happen ?
Love-quiz: Somebody set up us the 'Lysol'.
Husband: We get signal.
Wife: What !
Love-quiz: Main husband turn-on.
Wife: It's You !!
Lysol: How are you intimate daintiness !!
Lysol: All your married happiness are belong to us.
Lysol: Germs are on the way to destruction.
Wife: What you say !!
Lysol: You have no delicate membrane to survive make your time.
Lysol: HA HA HA HA ....
Love-quiz: Take off every 'Lysol' !!
Wife: You know what you doing.
Wife: Move 'Lysol'.
Wife: For correct douching solution.
Tags: aybabtu, humor, original, sexy
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