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Clash of the Titanics

I'm struggling at work under a tremendous stress load -- I have a management/IT consultant looking over my shoulder. I try to welcome his help, but there are also times when he's got it wrong, despite his confidence and (temporary) authority. I'm good at what I do (I'm an IT Manager), and so is he. There are many things we can learn from each other if we work hard. Unfortunately he is focused so strongly on "being here to help" me that he views my efforts to communicate as wasting time. The curse of it is, he may be right!

He is very difficult to communicate with unless I mimic his style and language. That takes sooo much extroversion, attention, and effort for me to do. Two weeks now I've been so drained that by Friday I can't come in, instead sleeping for 26 hours or so straight. That's VERY unusual for me, and unprofessional besides. And I have other areas of my life that desperately need my attention and energy!

I'm trying to apply the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator system to this problem, and it's shown me something important -- he's almost definitely an ESTJ (The Manager). That's right, my exact opposite. (I'm INFP (The Idealist)) Unsatisfying and draining to work with even when we are working well together.

I know there are some good tools out there for how to communicate with different types; I'll be looking those up next. I'm open to any ideas you have as well.

Such a tremendous learning opportunity. But I have to survive it.
Tags: ad/hd, estj, infp, jung, mbti, struggle, work
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