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Voice Automation for Telecom

I don't yet use any voice automation tools. I used to use General Magic's Portico, but they made their money selling the technology to telecom providers who provide their own branded service, and the Portico service was ended. I'm about to sign up for wildfire's similar but slightly less flexible service, because I miss having computer-assisted interactions like this:

Me: "Forward my calls."
Portico: "OK, what's the number?"
M: "555-1212."
P: "555-1212. Is this correct?"
M: "Yes."
P: "How long should I forward your calls?"
M: "Oh, uh... about three hours."
P: "I'll forward all calls to 512-555-1212 for three hours. Is this correct?"
M: "Yeah."
P: "Okay. We're in your mailbox. What can I do for you?"
M: "Goodbye."
P: "Bye!"

Later, at a friend's house, his phone rings.
Portico: "Hello, I have a call for Triple Entendre. Is he available?"
Friend: Confused, hands me the phone
Me: "Hi, it's me."
P: "Hi there! I have a call from so-and-so. Would you like to take this call?"
M: "Yes."
P: "Okay, you're connected."
M: "Hello, so-and-so!"
So-and-so: "Hey, that was really cool! What IS that?"

Later, after I've left my friend's house:
Portico: "Hello, I have a call for Triple Entendre. Is he available?"
F: "Uh... no, he's not here."
P: "Okay. Sorry to bother you."

Then Portico would tell the caller, "I couldn't reach him at the number he gave me. Would you like me to try to find him for you?"
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