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Office Space Cadet

The more cutthroat and stressed a work environment gets, the more powerful a subtle win-win approach can be. Therefore, (and perversely) it sounds like this would be a good time for me to have a corporate job again. I do get fed up after 6-18 months, but within that time I do well with the office politics1, because of this stubborn, though unremarked, approach:
  • It's all very simple, even if it isn't.
  • My primary goal in any job is to make myself obsolete.
  • My secondary goal is to make other people's jobs less repetitive.2
  • I always do what's "right"3 -- but I don't advertise that.
  • Your problems are interesting to me, because they mean something.
  • If you ask a question, I'll answer.4 If you don't ask, I'll find a way to put the answer somewhere you can discover it yourself. Usually, that involves listening to you until you hear yourself saying the answer.  In the rare event the correct answer is "go to hell", I'll tell you sweetly enough so as you'll look forward to the trip.

  • And most of all, if we interact at all I will make sure you benefit from it.5

  1. I have many weaknesses, of course, but those can go in some other list.
  2. Usually communicated as 'to make their jobs easier' -- but that's not quite accurate in the larger sense, neh? ...You could even say I try to make other people's jobs more abstract!
  3. Acting ethically is 'better for business' in the medium-to-long term, and it makes choices seem easy.
  4. Oddly, this includes rhetorical questions!
  5. Fascinatingly, this has sometimes led to my bosses informally forbidding me from talking to certain people.
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