Triple Entendre (triple_entendre) wrote,
Triple Entendre

Mobius Trip

I thank the Universe for the Adderall; it channels my energy into the ability to take what's inside me and pour it out to share through venues like this one. But Adderall is such a blunt instrument. I don't doubt that its secondary effects will shorten my lifespan.

I wish I wrote more in here, and in more depth. But it only flows when my spirit is willing. Usually it is TIRED and PAIN and SUFFOCATION to get things out; to communicate.1 To share like I want to. That's probably why some of the things I share (in general) are so far outside of the mainstream. It's definitely why I can be so intense. I mean, if you can get me to come out and play, if you get my attention, there's a lot of depth to it.

Overall, I feel my empathy is returning as the passing of time heals the emotional trauma of the loss of both my marriage and other relationships. I've been so numb.

'You hide behind your words', someone offered. I love the way people on certain 'recreational' drugs will just say things out of context that illuminate truths or potentialities. 'Maybe. Or, I see where my words lead me', I countered. I think we met somewhere in the middle.

[1] Sometimes if I 'push' (or leap) past these, there's freedom beyond. Other times it's a tar-baby or a Moebius strip.
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