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Doing the 'Next Thing' (Cold and Flu Version)


Had a nice, hot bath.
Cleaned my room some.
K stopped by and chatted briefly. She said she'll be coming around more often now that so many of her peeps live here!
Took a nap.
Hung out on the playground with Jay and Wonko.
Another nap.
Watched movie 'Pleasantville.'1
Sinus headache.
Took some Excedrin, with apologies in advance to my liver. In fact I'd like to thank all my body's organs and parts for their continuing efforts in fighting off this invader. Go team!
Gathered all my psychic energy and used tremendous powers of focus and concentration to pay my car insurance bill online. (Also useful in this endeavor was money (income tax refund)).

I have made myself some tea and am trying to take care.
I have eaten some food.
The tea is mostly peppermint. Menthol to the sinuses good.
I am feeling human again.
I have had another cup of the tea.
I've gone from 'help!, oh bother' to 'wish everybody a Very Happy Thursday' over the course of drinking it. Much better.
Time for some more sleep I think.


[1] I liked it. It was a mindfuck but the pacing was slow and deliberate, even slower than the 50's sitcoms it was parodying and commenting on. Reminded me of Negativland. Hah! I didn't catch the irony of that until I typed it.
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