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Floyd's eyes light up. "Oh boy! Are we gonna do something dangerous now?"

If you're reading this, you are someone who uses a computer for something. If that computer fails, what will you do? Have you copied your important files to a CD or another computer?

Are you ready for the day when the stone is rolled away from the tomb and you find that your data is gone?

Has your data been saved?


So one of my clients called today. He faithfully makes a backup of his data to a Zip disk daily, with weekly rotation, each day before he goes home. When he upgraded the business management software he uses, the software's default was reset to save backups to the hard drive. Instead of that zip disk. Last February.

Today he formatted his hard drives, upgraded his computer's operating system, and reinstalled everything, only to discover that his business data is a year out-of-date. This past year, all gone. No business for you. Sorry! Thanks for playing.

Luckily for him I'm in the habit of making backups of any data I touch, mostly just in case I accidentally break something. Unluckily, I hadn't been out there since last September. So, he's out only half a year out of date.

Making backups only helps if you can restore from them. So you have to test that somehow. Unzip the files. Restore to a test machine or a test environment.

Today's main lesson: You must verify your backups.

Secondary lesson: Pay me to take care of your computers.
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