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But What Do YOU Want?

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Feb. 25th, 2003 | 02:05 am

Got called out pretty seriously by a friend on this point: What about getting what I need out of life? It was in a different context, but with that on my mind, I'm rereading my Mission Statement and noticing that most of it is about other people, or at least very externally referenced.

Except for:

I want to have all the information.

Well, heck, give me that one and I'll be able to figure out the rest, right? ;)

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(no subject)

from: choiceful
date: Feb. 25th, 2003 02:48 am (UTC)

lovely. Externally referenced or not, reducing humanity's entropy/changing the world seem like pretty definite wants to me :) Desires are a tricky subject, and it is easy to undervalue our true ones in favor of what we think we "should" be wanting. We are animals with biological programming, our desires don't have to make sense, they are based on feelings, and that "should" be good enough. Besides, I like yours ;)

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Triple Entendre

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from: triple_entendre
date: Feb. 25th, 2003 10:54 am (UTC)

Yes... a lot of my desires are obvious ones; love, learning, shelter, food, sleep, sex, companionship... but all somewhat as viewed through a Zen cycle of realizing we know very little, realizing we know too much, and coming full circle to a sublime appreciation for the ordinary.

My current life results from letting go of quite a few "shoulds". But even letting go can be a "should"....

I end up accidentally whacking a lot of people over the head with short, sincere, conversational introspection, when they just wanted to talk about the weather. Princess Lavender calls me a "Zen motherfucker" for that. The Accidental Terrorist, so to speak?

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