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Q's are worth lots of points -- unless you get stuck with them

Thank you for these questions. I like them. Forgive me for rolling them around a bit too long in my head; I feel like they deserve meaty answers.

nobodobodon's 5 questions for triple_entendre

1. When you're feeling at your worst and things look bad, what do you do
to pick yourself back up?

Sometimes I don't. But time still passes.

Figure out what the "next thing" is and do that, no matter how empty or disconnected an action it may seem. Check in with myself, make sure I've slept and eaten and etc.  Lather, rinse, repeat, until the third eye opens again.

I gave this advice recently:

Your mantra for this week is: take drugs until it feels different. YMMV, but that's the only thing that jumps-tarts that part of my brain that resembles what you are describing here. (You may, if you wish, substitute any other concept for "drugs" -- say, "food" or "exercise" or "hot bath" -- but it must be something that gets your brain chemicals to where they need to be, and drugs can be a Bobcat forklift in one's existential landscaping.) Having a single, mindless action that requires no thought or debate because you've memorized it as your reflexive response to being stuck; that's the breadcrumb trail leading back out of the rut.

If you don't remember what things can get you unstuck (a common dilemma), ask people who have been around you and may have observed something that worked for you in the past.

bonus mantra: I can do anything. Roll it around. Say it with stress on each word once by itself, and then try all the combinations. I have found this one to be a good guide (and guardrail) for the drugs.

-- that's from this thread

2. You're elected President of the United States in 2016. What are the
broad generalizations people will make about your presidency in the year

What were people thinking? Idealism is all well and good, and it was astonishing to see the first President ever to be elected entirely through write-in votes, but maybe it makes more sense when we consider just how disgusted with politics the populace was at that time. There wasn't a lot of civic value left to salvage at that point, and his was the shortest and sweetest Presidency ever. Tragic. Assassinated by his own security detail, no real surprise there. But without his sacrifice, and the reforms and upheaval that followed when President Chomsky announced the results of the Nader Commission's investigation, we'd have never discovered ....

3. A genie appears out of a vacuum cleaner, and tells you that he will
change you into a woman for a week. Your physical form will be
indistinguishable from a woman's form, in look, feel, smell, etc. You get
to choose which woman. Which woman do you choose? Why?

If possible, I'd check around and see if any of my ex-girlfriends have ever fantasized about what it must be like, from someone else's perspective, to be intimate with them. Wow, that would be extra super bonus weird, being in a position to fufill that particular solipsistic fantasy for someone.

I do have a particular person in mind, but as a more generic neutral choice: brunette, average size, curvy, soft and warm but sturdy.

I'm glossing over some literalisms here and assuming I get to keep some sense of my current identity, or there'd be nothing to learn, right? But I'm sure I'd get a lot of bumps and bruises just trying to move through the physical world in an unfamiliar body. It's hard enough to do in my own. So for this reason and probably others, I'd make sure that was a "vacation week".

4. Lots of people have favorite songs, favorite meals, favorite vacation
spots, favoriate shoes. I have favorite roads, favorite intersections,
favorite pens, and favorite birds. What are some of your unusual

favorite puns
favorite super-moves in Scrabble
most of the people I know are my 'favorite person'
favorite typos
favorite body language cues
favorite sense: touch

Like any small sovereign country, I also celebrate a customized list of holidays, not very many of which correspond to the "official" ones.

5. Your life has changed a lot in the last couple of years. What is the
best way (or best few ways) in which it's changed?

I am free. I am alone. Yet not alone.

There is a sense in which everything's been taken off my plate. Bankruptcy, divorce, unemployed, moving out, starting over. A very real sense that anything could happen and in the end the only opinion that counts is my own.

I am making new discoveries every day about latent or recently developed talents for things others have always done for me in the past. I am learning to take care of myself. I survive.

Newfound cynicism.

I've learned to be present in the moment. If you do this, the moment is yours forever, and it was good.

I am writing this as I lay dying[1], yet coming back to live this moment because it's all happening now, and now, and now. There's just one big now, and it's the same one. I am asking myself, what have I done? And why? And the truth is I'm still doing that choosing. I feel like I'm engaged in shaping my life as an all-present continuum in (at least) four dimensions. The things I'm learning today are having a profound effect on my childhood. I've crammed a lot of my essence into those years, because I like the way he thinks.


[1] In 2017, apparently....

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
6 - You'll notice in passing that this meme is a Ponzi scheme.
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