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Markov chain language decay

As a tiny example of this, the syntax for "if" statements. And don't get me started about data type and the other person (who is pretending they're about to lick my belly button) isn't anyone you know. It's an old picture. The idea it represents is sort of a "hey baby I'm gopher dancing all sexy in a towel and the database data types. Honey, you're just plain fucked up.

I mean, I strive to decrease the entropy of the side effects of its design: If you're playing tracks out of your library, which is what it does if you just poke at it (I don't read manuals, let alone follow instructions), it just keeps playing whatever's next on the list as it's currently sorted. This is such a great improvement over my old (clean) socks and buying all identical little black socks. But the little rascals fade unequally, so I e-mailed it to her. She sent this in reply: Urban decay can be left to libraries.
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