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Something to try if you REALLY screwed up last time


I'm pleased that you are considering me as a candidate for the [technology]-related position. From what you have described (and given the usual business case for using such a tool), my skills in process automation, project planning, and web-based development will fit our client's needs very well. I am excited about your goals to increase the prestige of [recruiting company's] Austin branch, and I will use my unique talents to further this image.

I understand your concern about the importance of punctuality, both in general and for this client in particular. The overall business culture of banking-related industries values risk management and predictability. It is in this spirit I bring you the following proposal.

Risk: Consultant punctuality
Goal: Transfer this risk from [recruiting company] and [recruiter] to Consultant
Consultant agrees to a separate contract with [recruiting company] stipulating that the Consultant will arrive at job site ready to work no less than 30 minutes prior to any client-scheduled work times.

Consultant agrees to significant, immediate financial penalties (to be determined), either in the form of a paycheck reduction or a verified donation to a charitable organization, for any and each noncompliance with the 30-minute rule.

Under no circumstances will Consultant arrive later than the time specified by the Client.

If an unscheduled absence or any deviation from this agreement is necessary, it will be arranged through [recruiting company] at least 24 hours in advance.

This is a separate agreement between [recruiting company] and Consultant. It will not be discussed with the Client.

I hope you will agree that this structure provides a novel but concrete way to address our concerns and provide superior service to our client. I feel confident you will agree that putting my professional skills to work for [recruiting company] is well worth the extra effort.

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