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A round of applesauce

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Mar. 16th, 2004 | 07:58 pm
mood: chipperchipper
music: They Might Be Giants - Siftin'

Most stores (and store brands) have the unsweetened apple sauce, they call it "natural" style, which means it contains apples and maybe water. Sometimes the natural style also has added vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to preserve it, which makes it a little tangier. I prefer the ones that just say "ingredients: apples."

Most of Wheatsville's applesauce is the natural style. Not only that, but they have strawberry, peach, and berry flavors that are yummy.

And the ultimate: they have all-natural berry-flavored applesauce in soft tube-shaped squeeze packets. You can hold one in one hand, and tear it open with your teeth, and squoosh it for a blood-sugar leveling shot of appley goodness.

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