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Everyone involved in making Burlesque for Peace happen was amazing. I had a great time, although next time I'm not going to be a 'cigarette girl' and vend G-strings, roses, and candy -- instead you'll find me happily buried in the cuddlespace, which I completely missed out on.

I did a striptease to the only song that I can imagine using,
cover of Jacky single
Jacky [lyrics] | [review], by Marc Almond [profile] | [reviews].
It's a cover of a Jacques Brel chanson, poorly translated from the original French -- perfectly appropriate(d)1 for my nom de whatever.

If I could be for only an hour
If I could be for an hour every day
If I could be for just one little hour
Cute in a stupid ass way

For just one little hour,
Triple Entendre

[1] Meme credit: the imperative appropriate as appropriate from Scotto's explanation of scrytch, via Psyche
Tags: dance, performance, sexy
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