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Help me head off a future spammer

I'm advising a small business owner and bidding on setting up a web presence for him. He's a good businessman and understands the issues involved reasonably well.

However, he is considering buying an application that harvests email addresses from the web that relate to a list of relevant keywords, and sending unsolicited commercial e-mails to those addresses. He plans to keep track of bounces and 'remove' requests personally.

Um, yeah. I've told him it's almost too risky for me professionally to have any association with his site or his company if he uses this approach.

Help me be proactive here. I want to lay out a convincing alternative plan, and it has to be cheap. What should a brand-new service-industry business with no physical presence do to get clients? Referrals are the best business, of course, but you can't get those until you've had some customers to begin with!

All opinions welcome.
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