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Breakfast Surreal

Stayed up all night Wednesday working on reports for the board meeting.
Thursday: reports still not done, worked all day but did not finish in time. Worst possible outcome (so far).
Slept all day Friday.
Friday night:
Burlesque for Peace. More on this later.
After-party at the Palace. I stayed up until the last guest departed at 10:00 am or so.
Slept all day Saturday.
Woke up for a few minutes around 1:30 am Sunday.
Continued sleeping until 2:30 pm Sunday.
I finally woke up when I ran out of dreams.

Literally. There just wasn't anything else to dream, so I had to get up or else be asleep AND bored, which sounds like a nightmare to me. I'm often aware of the "stage director" brain function that provides some kind of dream narrative or continuity, and somehow that awareness neither disturbs suspension of disbelief nor makes my dreams necessarily lucid.

Stayed up all night Sunday (last night), but not by choice. I'm not ready to write about that just yet.
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