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A corollary to "make backups"

All excellent advice.
2) Make sure you have no computer files or personal effects at work that are yours . . . imagine that every time you go home, that was the LAST time . . . so copy your stuff off any company PCs unless you want to lose it, and make sure you could carry out in a box any other stuff (and have the box in your office, just in case).
Not a bad idea for every day! Or at least every week.

I got bitten by this a while back - my stuff was thoroughly mixed, work and personal, because I was the megalomaniacal Director of the department, and I decided that the departmental policy was that work and personal stuff-separation wasn't required.

Unfortunately, being laid off from my position as Director trumped that "policy".

(Luckily, I convinced them to give me the physical hard drive that contained the stuff I'd have lost.)

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