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Tipping point

It would be great to get an organization together to fund busses to take students from public high schools to vote

I like this idea a lot and I'd love to help.

When I lived in student co-op housing, I did something like this (although with my truck, not a bus). I used to shuttle students from the various co-ops to our West Campus polling location for City Council elections, and I offered a 'cheat sheet' of my own personal endorsements as a handy reference for those interested to take in with them.

It felt a little edgy, for me to effectively magnify my vote that way -- but my focus was on removing ALL barriers to voting for my peers. (If you know co-op life you can understand how easy it could be not to get around to that first step of finding out where your assigned polling station has been hidden!) So all day I made myself available as advocate, voter guide, and personal chauffeur. Full-service. I'd gladly do it again.
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