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I was born Zen, but with wires crossed

When I was five,

I didn't think everything was going to be okay. I definitely didn't think anyone could keep me safe. But I had a special relationship with the world.

The world was BIG and LOUD and QUIET and SOFT unless it was HARD and there was FALLING DOWN and it spun around sometimes and there was GRASS and TREES and CONCRETE and WIND and CLOUDS and (rolling a Fiser-Price plastic donut up and down the driveway) and (a guy canoeing down the flooded street) and the SUNSETS and THUNDER and RAIN and just BREATHING and EVERYTHING was just so EVERYTHING and it was all so pretty. And oh my the thousands of CICADAS sang an overwhelming song that mesmerized me forever, so loud and overlapping you could never imagine it. I spent a lot of time outside.

And if I was perfectly still, unfocused but sharp, I was a part of it. I was OF it.

It still happens.
Tags: 5yo, ad/hd, focus, infp, inside-voice, literature, melancholy, memories, my ness, perception, reading, romantic, todo:broken_links, touch
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