Triple Entendre (triple_entendre) wrote,
Triple Entendre

Notes for Instant Coffee Commitment

That's done and I'm setting it aside for now, so I think I'll dump my notes in here as well.
Concept: 'instant coffee commitment'
possible themes:
too-hasty commitment
failure to learn better
poor in quality
coffee references
unintended pregnancy
You know who's tendency to push a relationship too fast
coffeehouse gossip and pettiness
instant coffee single foil packet = condom
hastily living together and getting tense about it

I'm sitting in your kitchen
thinkin' 'bout our new addition
my coffee's black
but you'll be back
you're a woman with omissions

wondering how long you'll be gone

nothing can hurt us inside our insulating layers
put the lid on tight, ignore the warnings
as we walk down peoples' stares

as you drive past
as you breeze through flights of stairs

it's a bitter pill that
needs no chill
but we're really in hot water

not with your ugly mug

it's no better when you're bitter

the rain percolates the dusty grounds,
puddles in a barren patch of yard
make a muddy reflection of your soul
still, I'm loving you so far

we drank too deep
there's never time

give me some sugar, baby
I know you must be tired

the world awash in sympathy


as you


you could really be the one

and put me on to boil / and my heart begins to boil/

open up a little door
set your hopes inside
beam at them with excitement
knowing life is just a ride,

let your attention rotate
until the bubbles break on through
the tension of the surface
then you'll know what you should do.

I am yours in minutes
I am wrapped in foil
here's the deal
once you break my seal
then my heart begins to boil

fill me with waves of exciting interactions
but watch the time carefully
as I slowly revolve around, basking in your radiance
heating up just in time
to lift you up again with

you use me and I lift you up

but I'm not bitter

on the grounds that I pored over

you'd think I'd learn my lesson

I ask you on what grounds
you expect so much from our first touch

keep me on the back burner
as I sit and boil
140 degrees of solitude
my heart as black as oil

But the truth is that we never really heal
we ignore the warning sighs
accustomed to their stares
I wear my advertising on my sleeve
never know just who we are

You keep returning to your
instant coffee commitment

An impulse purchase my
instant coffee commitment

reaching back to my
instant coffee commitment

Gonna whip out my
instant coffee commitment

With new wave hairdos I want
instant coffee commitment
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