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Boobs Not Bombs

Went to the first planning meeting for Burlesque for Peace II yesterday evening. I took minutes, which was great, because it was something I could help with that was an instant commitment-fulfillment. (It's done, it helped, and I don't have to remember to do something to do it.)

After that there was a gathering of people at the same place who came to sing show tunes accompanied by piano. Luckily none were played that I knew, so I didn't end up showcasing my Ethel-Mermanesque tunelessness. I say that jokingly -- I loved it. I sang a few John Denver songs quietly to myself from one of the books of sheet music until it was too much and I had to put it back and think-about-something-else for a while.

I was feeling really down just before and just after the meeting. Seeing reinaness still uses up an amount of emotional capital that I can't quite define. I decided to be smart about it, move on, and seek out my friends and keep making connections to try to give the day a more uplifting ending. Two social occasions and three friends later that same evening, and I'm feeling much, much better.
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