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"Having a Philip K. Dick moment."

In honor of PKD's birthday, I am hereby reconstituting
the PKD Book Discussion Club. We'll read a PKD book
each month and talk about it on a dedicated email list.

Details to follow shortly -- I am open to suggestions
as to the best mailing list/portal/egroup hosting
service. I have a little more checking to do to make
sure I'm not duplicating anyone's efforts in this.
(There was such a group on Yahoo! Groups years ago but
it was dissolved when the moderator stepped down.)

Membership will be free and open, but ya gotta read
the books as we go along or it won't be any fun for ya.


In the meantime, here are some more PKD links:

Official Site

Fan Site

The Second Coming of Philip K. Dick
The inside-out story of how a hyper-paranoid, pulp-fiction hack conquered the movie world 20 years after his death.
By Frank Rose

The Metaphysics of Philip K. Dick
Don't know Dick? Here's his philosophy in capsule form. (Warning: May cause anxiety or dizziness.)
by Erik Davis

PKD Webring


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Yahoo! Groups PKDick Fan Club

Yahoo! Groups DlCK HEADS - The place for fans of Phillip K Dick

Yahoo! Movies PKD

Yahoo! Authors Directory

Scriptorium Essay on PKD

Philip K. Dick - How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later (Essay)
(From I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon -

Lists of PKD Links
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