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Lord, I done got old

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Dec. 13th, 2003 | 03:26 pm
mood: moodymoody

{self-editor OFF}

I'm sitting now at Ruby's BBQ, here at home in Austin, Texas, soaking up the afternoon sun that slants in through the windows. Small chili (no beans), chicken, and chopped beef. Extra pickles. Food for the soul, indeed.

{I said self-editor OFF! Oh, never mind. We'll take what we can get.}

Rampaging with the Santas last night was a good time. I think I chose too weak a liquor for Santa's hip flask, and drank nowhere near enough. Just enough to start crying in my beer, if you know what I mean.

tequilanolime swooped in brilliantly to the rescue. Cell phone in hand, she dragged her companions (including the supa-cool spumoni) down 6th street toward my location: "He's awash in ex-girlfriends and he needs our help!" Angels are everywhere.

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from: tequilanolime
date: Dec. 14th, 2003 10:02 am (UTC)


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