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Pit (Crew) Stop

All this past week I've been staying in Kingwood, TX, (about 30 minutes northeast of Houston, although technically Houston has annexed it[1], so it's in "Houston") with my parents and siblings.

I've stayed around to assist [my Australian-esque younger brother, the one with the blonde hair] while he recovers from orthopedic surgery on his shoulder. Fortunately it's not his dominant hand, so he's okay for doing things mostly, but more slowly and carefully. But it's still nice to have someone go rent the movies and buy the ice cream, so I've been doing that.

This is also helpful to my Dad, who just retired from his 30 year career and is, therefore, busy and stressed out(!). He's going to go hunting for a couple of days.
Just as soon as he finishes clearing the clutter out of the guest room, renegotiating cell phone contracts, taking vehicles in for repair, and a half-dozen other projects around the house....

I may be making an appearance in Austin very soon, but in any case I will be in Austin for Santa Rampage, which is rumored to converge on the 12th and 13th of this month. Please, please do let me know what's happening when, so I can adjust my back-and-forth schedule early enough.


[1] Free Kingwood!
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