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I had to bow out of the road trip in favor of being present for any contingencies in the process of declaring bankruptcy. I'd have had to return too quickly to make this road trip a responsible choice for me.

I'm glad I got to (hopefully) help denshi gain enough momentum to reach Austin escape velocity. At least, I hope I helped more than I hindered. Maybe 60-40?

Today I'm at the PPP doing paperwork, and a more thorough inventory of my worldly possessions. In fact I am possessed with a zest to divest of the rest. Or at least, divest of more of them. It all fits in the back of the truck now, completely, with no scraps needing to be housed elsewhere. Many of the things I truly value can be completely converted into ones and zeroes and stored in ever-shrinking devices. (I'll bet there exists a Hello Kitty laptop that could outcompute the Space Shuttle's aging equipment.)[1] The rest I can keep in the memories of others, much like Stephen Wright's seashell collection.[2]


[1] Hello Kitty Space Shuttle!

[2] Perhaps you've seen it? He keeps it scattered across the beaches of the world.
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