Triple Entendre (triple_entendre) wrote,
Triple Entendre

I'm still in Houston. I'm getting two tires put on the truck and the brakes checked. The tire that wasn't holding air well got an impact break in the sidewall. (denshi, remember that bone-jarring pothole on 15th street? Yeah.)

I'm also upgrading two computers for my parents. I just added a 250GB drive, USB 2.0 and an external USB hard drive. Also, I removed 5 or 6 pieces of parasitic spyware and adware. #^%#)#*!

I'm hanging out here in Kingwood partly to visit my relatives without being in a hurry. I got to meet my nephew Elijah for the first time. He's adorable. Looks just like his parents. I can totally see why people have kids.
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