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These are not the 'droids you're looking for

Visualization works, but it takes focus -- and fear makes focus evaporate. Don't fight the fear, because violence/fighting/defending is just fear in action.

Instead, just walk away from it. Can't see how, where to walk, that would be moving away from the fear? Ah, you're still holding it. Like, right there in your hands. So put it down! Your body has better things to do.

Walking away, to the path where everything goes well: first, know that whatever happens, you're going to be fine. Now, write it down, or do something similarly physical with the idea. In fact, write a little essay, in the future past tense, about how everything went right and turned out amazingly well. The more detail you can reason into it, the better. Doesn't matter how likely these things are; they happened. Convince your audience -- you're just explaining the details of how and why it was that things turned out so great.

Now, read it. understand it, and expect it. Visualize it as if you're remembering it as it will have already happened. (Consult old Doctor Who shows for the correct tenses to use here). :-) Now, other people's choices may be different from what you wrote, but since you know how it's supposed to go, you can almost "correct" them.

(I've turned a "no" into a job offer this way before: to the "no" I made it clear I heard and understood, but said, thoughtfully, "well... that's unfortunate. Because..." and explained my firm belief that the job was a perfect fit). Business people in particular are all about results rather than details, which in this case gives you sway over them.
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