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As a freshman in college way back when, I spent so much time in LP-muds that I made aliases in my login shell for all the MUD commands I would reflexively type.

My home directory was just another MUD room to me. How could it not be, when it had the same style of interface? :-) So when I was "standing" there in "my home" directory, and needed to get my bearings, of course I would type the command 'look'. That was probably the first alias. My sub-directories then became other rooms. It gets worse; I let friends use my account, and I wrote scripts that made it look like they would "enter" the room, and they would encounter me there as well, and I had aliased "say" and "tell" so we could move around and talk to each other.

You know, what passes for my "home" directory today is an ungodly, graphical mess sprawled across several machines, littered with junk and old shortcuts. My "misc" directory used to be so much smaller. A place for everything, and everything in its place, properly capitalized, punctuated, scripted, and aliased. You could walk around in it and know where you were and what it was for.

Alas, Microsoft has led me astray, by paying my bills this past decade....
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