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I can't understand how all the people who actually keep up with the media these days can stand it

Like many of our peers, I am simply stunned beyond belief by the Big Lies. I can't hold it all in my head. Unless there's an impeachment, I'm expecting an even more massive and brazenly open voter fraud to be carried out through electronic voting next election. If that fails to throw at least the Presidential race to the pseudo Republicans, we'll see elections suspended and martial law declared, at least briefly. That probably wouldn't fly (no pun intended) without fear tactics, so look for another engineered or enabled terrorist attack just prior.

until they catch me and throw me in the looney bin with the rest of the sane people.

This IS the looney bin. (Douglas Adams' Wonko the Sane and all that.)

You need better drugs if you want to stay in here.

Sometimes I think I ought to be a politician, just because I'd hate it so damn much.

I could seriously see you making a difference as a state legislator. (Not that I would wish that on you or anyone else.)

I could be President. I've always said that I'd last as long as six months before being assassinated. Might be worth it, though.

thank all the reporters for coming out and to direct them to the Green Room, where drinks are now being served, compliments of the White House.

I like this image, in an odd way. You may consider it a campaign promise. ;-)

Triple Entendre
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