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Sympathetic vibrations, perhaps even resonance

So in a (nearby) alternate universe I could have written something very similar to your post. As a mental exercise, I'll list the *differences*, since there seem to be fewer:

- I find objectivism too limited of a domain; I've become more of a mystic.
- I do eat tons of ('local, free-range, organic') meat.
- I do create art, but not specifically music.
- I'm a former INTP; now solidly INFP.
- I don't transpose 'ei' and 'ie'. (I gots the hyperlexia) :-)

That's about it for differences (in the context of this thread, anyway).

You referred to Venn diagrams, technology, openness, mind maps and memory gaps, all in the same essay. That rocks! (You failed to use the word 'ontology', but that's forgivable. :-))

You made not one, but *at least two* bizarre and complex metaphors to express your ideas. I do that (because everything is related to everything else, of course) and people just stare at me like I'm wearing a six-foot-tall inflatable BOBA FETT hat strapped to my head.

Triple Entendre
Tags: infp, jung, mbti, quiz
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