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Yay intuition

I've been thinking about the way I make choices and it always boils down to my intuition. Intuition is irrational. So I must deduct that I'm irrational (but at least I'm crazy).

I spent my childhood trying to be Mr. Spock. Eventually I realized that *everyone* makes their choices based on feelings, even if they rationalize them immediately afterward. Once you get happy with that, you find that your emotional choices get a lot more rational, maybe because of the reduced stress. So when you allow yourself to feel what you feel without reservations, you unexpectedly have more power over your life and choices.

I read about these experiments where they found at least one spot in the brain to apply a little electricity to that caused the person to pick a weird answer on a multiple choice test. I mean an answer that was meaningless or random as opposed to the obviously correct one. When asked *why* they made the choice they did, the people would unconsciously make something up that was pseudo-rational but made no sense. So apparently there's a part of the brain that makes sure we have a reason for everything, even if it has to make something up on the spot.

I'm movin' on up, to that deluxe Pink Pleasure Palace, soon; maybe I'll see you around if you stay longer.
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