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Lesbian Vampire Wine and Cheese Formal: Thank-you

Many thanks to everyone who made the party sooooo amazing.

I've never seen so many arousing carousing wonderful people all in one place -- let alone my own room. Standing room only, but eeeveryone had a front-row seat. *boggle*

"This is sex without touching" -- Bjork

Well, okay, there was touching.

If you missed it, never fear -- everything we do here at the Palace is the "first annual". And we WILL do this one again. Lesbian vampires know how to party.

This was a BYO-everything party. Most importantly, bring your own lesbian vampire, but also wine and cheese. As Princess Lavender said, if you can't bring (or be) a lesbian vampire, bisexuals who stay up late are sufficient.

I'm proud to say I was the last man (or lesbian, or vampire, or wine and cheese) standing.

And now I've gone and woken up late for the next party. I'lll try to post more later!
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