Triple Entendre (triple_entendre) wrote,
Triple Entendre

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What the hell ever.

Well, she's gone. I can't seem to write much intelligible about it right now. But I have to go to work and crying through my meetings won't help, nor will screaming and breaking things. She scorns me every time she hears that I'm unhappy. I hear the weary superiority in her voice, as if she's disappointed in me but couldn't expect any 'better' from me.

Overall, I think she's fucked this one up. I understand why she needed to separate so she could prove to herself that she could survive on her own, but in order to throw off her dependence on me, she had to demonize and invalidate the rest. Suddenly she's making it sound as if our life together has been a lie she had to tell in order to feel like she'd be taken care of.

She called from the plane. It was hard to hear over the helpful flight attendant speaking over the intercom. Neither of us had anything to say beyond "I miss you", or at least, we should have left it at that.
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