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i don't understand how to deal with *sad*. i'm super happy chick, all the time, not just in appearance. and i don't have the coping mechanisms. i don't know what to do. i don't know how to be. i don't know what to do to help myself. at all. and my therapist is full, for god knows how long.
i feel like i've gotten the wind knocked out of me.
what kind of terminal damage am i doing to my psyche.

I wonder about this in my situation as well. I self-identify as an almost absurdly happy and feeling-good person. What does it mean for my identity and self-image to be sad? depressed? angry? gloomy?

The only answers I have so far:
- my identifying with happiness is still valid, it's just different than what I thought.
- depression (clinical) has no necessary implication on identity or self-image.
- I don't want to be bitter. I've been saying that a lot recently....

I have more thinking to do on this, and more to share.

Triple Entendre
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