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Miles to go before I sleep

That was miserable. Too depressed to leave the house, even for futurity's birthday gathering. I'm sure I missed an excellent party. I can tell I'm feeling better, though, because that doesn't seem like the terrifyingly horrible, heart-wrenchingly tragic loss that just about everything did as recently as three hours ago.

I couldn't write anything, all yesterday and last night. All I could do was maintain, crying and playing some simple computer games. There was nothing I could say to my sad little 5-year-old self, who sees no one here to take care of him, and no one here to love him.

(As I write that, pure, uncomplicated tears immediately roll down my face, telling me I've called it right. It's nice to be understood, even if it's just by me.... And there, there's a giggle, so welcome but so rare.)

I have an infinity of healing energy that fairly crackles from my heart, head, and fingertips. But you could say I have lousy aim: I forget to love myself.... :\

It's like they recite on commercial airline flights -- in the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure, secure your mask before assisting others. ;)

Triple "flotation device" Entendre
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