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Horsing around

I just agreed to do some more Gallup poll things.

It's interesting to observe how difficult it can be for me to answer what I consider poorly-formed questions. And that I consider nearly all questions to be poorly-formed when the asker cannot add any additional context to the text of the question they are asking, because they are (quite understandably) reading the question from a list and are probably specifically trained to avoid "helping" the questionee parse the question, since this would bias the results depending on who does the asking.

I kind of wanted some help with "household", though. Is my household one person (me), or is it the 17 adults that I share common living space with? If there are kids in the house, but they aren't my responsibility, does that count? I decided to go with the IRS sort of definition and said that my household is just me, one person.

Do I feel that The Economy is getting better or worse? Okay, I can translate this by adding either "...for me as an individual taking into consideration only my own direct benefit" or "for residents of the United States of America considered as a whole", but in neither case does this really help me answer. What does the asker think The Economy is? What if I think it's something completely different, and thus give an *answer* that is meaningless to the asker? I suppose that really they just want a gut response of feeling based on the trigger words in the question. I feel like I'm being too flippant if I give that sort of answer, though. I want to *really* answer things, and in everyday life this means tackling deconstruction of the question more than it does the answer. The *question* is where the real content to be uncovered exists. (In everyday life, when a person brings you a question, they are usually bringing you their answer, which you can help them discover by mutual refining of the question.)
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