Triple Entendre (triple_entendre) wrote,
Triple Entendre

...followed by silence

[2009-03-13 22:42:28] Lambert Samuel says:
hello? am samuel lambert by the name a branch managing director of a bank here in ghana, do you care to chat on business?the reason am contacting you over this business is because it is meant to be done with a foreigner and rite now i dont have any foreign friend so i decided to see if we can work this out together.

[2009-03-13 22:50:00] Triple Entendre says:
are there many Nigerian "businessmen" in Ghana?

[2009-03-13 22:50:35] Lambert Samuel says:
what do you mean?

[2009-03-13 22:52:54] Triple Entendre says:
The "urgently needing to transfer large sums of money discreetly" market is quite oversaturated. I suggest a career change.
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