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In related news, like many (okay, some) people, I use OS X and various flavors of Microsoft Windows on the same machine at the same time, with all of the applications-or-documents intermingled.[1] This is called "Seamless mode", which is both fitting and somewhat ironic. VMWare has some handy configurations for smoothing out the input differences between the OSes, but for performance reasons I often use VirtualBox, which does not have this luxury. I am a heavy user of the "clipboard", in every OS. Therefore, my poor fingers and brain have to adjust muscle memory to type the proper combinations *depending on which OS happens to belong to the window has the focus*. Lately, the OS X keystrokes have been winning this battle for mindshare.

I am quite pleased with myself for the success of the following AutoHotkey script:

which by sheer brute force of will converts the OS X flavor of select/undo/cut/copy/paste keyboard signals to the Windows flavor, only for them what needs it.


P.S. - sorry for not hotlinking at all in this post, but you have the Google.

[1] At the moment, I'm also using a separate Windows XP box as a Synergy host, with the OS X laptop as client, to control my external mouse and keyboard across all my machines. That box's display is also showing me another virtual machine, also running Windows XP, but hosted on my Linux server and being shown in a window over the network via RDP. But that's neither here nor there....
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