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(no subject)

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Dec. 4th, 2007 | 04:31 pm

(08:32:14 PM) Jason: http://xkcd.com/350/
(08:33:23 PM) Trip: yes!
(08:33:50 PM) Jason: If you end up with all the motherboards in the back closet, I suggest a beowulf cluster
(08:34:17 PM) Trip: when I was a sysadmin, I had a chart like this that had different icons, text or colors for different statistics, including scripted ones
(08:35:04 PM) Trip: except in this case, he's monitoring things that actively try to avoid detection!
(08:35:08 PM) Jason: : )
(08:35:41 PM) Trip: so if a group of friends gather to see the new Beowulf...
(08:35:54 PM) Jason: In several theaters
(08:36:03 PM) Jason: in soviet russia
(08:36:08 PM) Trip: lol
(08:36:27 PM) Trip: Beowulf clusters you?
(08:36:34 PM) Jason: YES

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