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Fun with mirrors

Lyn just reminded me I'm way overdue for posting nekkid pics on my LJ!

A few of you have added this LJ since the last time I posted one, so:
be advised that this happens from time to time.

I took this picture with my cameraphone, which also makes an appearance.
This one is delightfully surreal. The closer you look, the more puzzling.

In this photo I am naked (PG-13ish), so it is behind a cut.

It's art, not porn. But nonetheless "NSFW"!

Don't click unless that's okay with you.

Every time I think I understand this picture it escapes me again....
oddly surreal nekkid photo of me with mirror reflection, simultaneously facing the camera and not facing the camera
Tags: mirror, nekkid, original, photo, surreal
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