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Freak Conformity

From a follow-up to a friend's post:

1) There are several valid reactions (I think) to the 'freak' conformity that Burning-communities can elicit. Figuratively, you can a) smile at or comply with the nutty demands of the person with the megaphone or b) take up your megaphone and out-shout or even better, outwit them or c) have a nice game of chess with a good friend.

Oh, and of course d) a nice game of chess, using megaphones.

2) The mere presence of exes can seriously color an event. It has, each and every time, for me.

3) One year, I went to Burning Man and read a book. The whole time. I was relaxed, reclined, resting in the shade, with a good supply of chilled drinks and food, and it was a great book.(*) It was the most surreal thing many of my friends had ever seen. I'm still not sure any of them really understood where I was coming from. But someone at this Flipside thanked me heartily for it, saying it was an amazing bit of performance art.

Triple Entendre
(*) _Cryptonomicon_ by Neal Stephenson
Tags: bman, burners, conformity, culture, flipside, freak, performance-art, surreal
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