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Mmmmmmmmmmmm (crunch crunch)

Ben & Jerry's creme brulee ice cream is intensely more faithful to its namesake dessert than the Haagen-Daz version. (They must be good what with all the letters in the names wearing funny party hats, unlike the stiffly reserved and Very Serious capital letters here on my keyboard.)

It's not just a caramel-ish swirl in a thick vanilla base -- no, there are rich veins of crunchy brown sugar. There may have actually been a blowtorch involved at some point.

Checking the ingredients, I count six different *kinds* of sugar in there. If it weren't for the egg yolks and milkfat, this would be cotton candy ice cream. crunch crunch crunch.

(I got paid today!)
Tags: creme brulee, dessert, food, ice cream, sugar
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