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Java still full of beans

Allow me to be imprecise. As if you could stop me.

You know, I like Sun as a company, and I'd sort of like them to do well. This gives me mixed feelings about Java-the-language. It's still too wordy to hold my interest, but the bytecode/virtual-machine/JVM/whatchacallit stuff seems useful. JRuby in particular sounds interesting.

So far, the "web frameworks" built on Java have been just as tedious. I spent two weeks porting a rickety site from an older version of a mishmash of JSP/servlets/JSTL/beans/custom tags to more recent versions of the same -- if someone finds a java web framework that works as well as Rails, tell me. I'm done looking for a while.

I'm considering spending a day or two of my own time doing their website over from scratch in Ruby on Rails, just to see how long it takes. Normalize their database, run Rails' scaffolding, apply a little CSS, and call it done. For your average low-to-medium-traffic, content-driven website that's MORE than adequate.

A better way to get close to "write-once, run-anywhere" is to write LESS. Less code. Less tapping on keyboards. Incrementally rewrite bits of the language so that it addresses your problem domain directly and your code starts to disappear. I know I'm not saying anything new here.

I blame Emacs for keeping me from learning Lisp when I should have, back in 1993 or so.
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