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Need a Ride to Flipside

Going to Flipside as soon as I find a ride. I'm hoping to catch one of the people who had to work today. I had today and yesterday off. Why then, am I not already at Flipside? Well, I needed a vacation. I don't live a plain life that needs color on the weekends -- my life is wacky and liberated enough on an average day. On your vacation you are Allowed. You should do the things you don't get to do otherwise.

So, I finally cleaned "my" room. Yes! It was decadent. It's been a while since allowed myself the time for the self-care that that represents. I feel great. I hadn't been able to see the floor in ages. It was a nest. A comfy nest, for me, but still too chaotic. (I've always liked small spaces with lots of stuff to play with piled around.) Now it's just chaotic around the edges. As it is with your living space, so it is with your mind.

Triple Entendre
Tags: cleaning, flipside, ride, room, vacation
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