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Being philosophical about 'small talk' and 'good manners' of speech.

So, you're at the end of a call with a corporate customer service representative. She has been very helpful; you've gotten what you needed and you are ready to end the call. A novice philosopher of the Utilitarian school might be tempted, then, to just abruptly hang up. But you know there is a ritual you are compelled to perform. To some, it is distasteful: to say something or several somethings meaningless and utterly predictable; to belabor the obvious.

But, imagine. You know almost exactly, to a word, the next several of your lines. They will happen just as they will, without much effort on your part, if you let them. So let that go. Now, how much larger are you, inside this moment? How much more aware you can be. Knowing the play, you can study the actors, the set pieces. Listen to the timbre of the voices. There's a person in there, in those modulations. Good mood; bad? What are the sounds in the background? Did she skip lunch?

This is what time is, you think. A series of events happening one after the other, or at least, being arranged that way in what cognitive scientists refer to as the 'working memory'.
You've reached an anticipated portion of the roller coaster where it will do thus-and-so, and for a moment, perhaps at the peak before a plunge, you have a wider view of things. There's almost a sense of vertigo when you look at it, lean against the flow being the you-that-witnesses internally even as your vocal cords and speech centers carry out the ritual, saying the words.

Enjoy the ride.
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