April 11th, 2005




Divorced two years or so ago. Feeling a lot better, thanks. Made the irrational yet necessary choice not to know her anymore. No hard feelings, but it seems there's always going to be some pain there for me. In particular, she and her fiance are having a baby, and I feel the need to avoid seeing her pregnant.

She's getting married this weekend. It is oddly and selfishly reassuring to me that the lucky boy is someone whom I was fortunate enough to have formally "approved of" way back when. (Yes, "two years ago" is indeed starting to move into the "when I was little" frame of reference. Or as I was gently corrected this weekend, "when I was younger".) So anyway, no issues with the groom.

I wish them the best and I know they'll have a wonderful life. I'm invited to the wedding. They were even sweet enough to make sure it was okay with me that I was invited before inviting me. But I do feel that I don't belong there, even if I'm the only one that feels that's so.

Any reason I should go?

Speak now, or etc. etc.

P.S. - Oh yeah, and I guess all my friends are gonna be there. No, seriously. If I'm not going, I'd better make some other plans. I had originally planned to be away or busy, like, um, sorry, I'll be out of town, I had to wash my hair that month, or something.
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i thought of you and i saw this and i thought of you

this is for humanitics:

111, Wenhsin Road, Section 3
Tel: 04-2317-0482
Hours: Open 24 hours/day

This enormous, three-floor, 300-seat coffee house stands out in its Wenhsin Road location, about mid-way between Taya and Taichung Harbor roads. Day and night, customers can lounge about over the cafe's magazines, either inside or at umbrella-shaded tables outside and enjoy hot or cold coffees, costing between NT$90 and NT$130, as well as the usual iced tea varieties (NT$70), hot or cold fruit teas, juices and snacks. There are full meals, including NT$180 "little hot pot" meals, noodles and pork chop/fish/chicken rice. The meaning of this cafe's English name is still a mystery.